About Me

I was born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia on a small farm, surrounded by lots of animals, a huge orchard and vegetable patch, two brothers, two sisters, two parents and two grandmothers. I lived there for twenty years, then moved to Brisbane, where I stayed another twenty years. During that time, I became a primary school teacher, married, completed a Graduate Diploma in Theology in Education, had three great children and started writing. In 2003 my family and I moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where I was blessed to do a great deal of travelling, to see amazing things, to meet wonderful eclectic people, and to write lots more books. We lived there until early 2016, but circumstances drew us back to Brisbane where I live once again.

But that is not who I am...

I’m an optimist. I trust people. I smile at strangers and love seeing a glimpse into their souls as they smile back. I enjoy doing random acts of kindness and am always amazed at how a simple act can have enormous ripple effects. I have a deep love for my God and have joy and peace knowing that Christ loves me, despite knowing who I really am. Although I thrive on other people’s vibes, I go slightly crazy if I don’t get time alone. I grow through meeting people who think differently from me and in turn, make me think. I love to travel and to experience sights and sounds and tastes of the unusual. One of my greatest delights is walking in the rain. I feel exhilarated when I write and my characters do the unexpected. I enjoy hot showers on a cold day and the smell of home cooking. I hate lies, injustice, bullies, loud opinionated people, and chewing gum on my shoes.

That’s me.