Book Description...

In the age of the gnomes –
The Song made them the most powerful creatures in Tremada.

In the age of the dragons –
Fear rules and the gnomes are enslaved.

In the age of Shianna –
The Song returns from a most unexpected source. But the end result might split Tremada in two, and destroy precious alliances and friendships.

Why I wrote it...

Ah Tremada, this must be one of my favourite books, as much as an author can pick and choose favourites. If I had my own way, all my books would be fantasies and I would spend my life with fairies, dragons, elves, djinns, alternative universes and the impossible. But life has lead me along different paths, none of which I regret of course, but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to devote my time to fantasy. Anyway, I digress. I wrote Tremada to fulfil a long time dream to dabble with dragons; to ride on one’s back; to skulk in their lairs and get into their minds. I also wanted to know what it would be like to be a reluctant hero; to have fame forced upon me and then to have my every action scrutinised. I took Shianna into the land of the dragons, then sat back and watched what happened. Tremada is the result.
I’ve written the sequel already. It’s sitting on my computer ready to be refined. One day Shianna and Azdar will walk again.

Where you can buy it…

Sorry. It’s out of print. Occasionally copies pop up on ebay. And I have my rights back, so who knows, one day, books one and two might be released together.

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